Box Tops for Education – The McClure Media Center earns ten cents per label and they really do add up!  Visit www.boxtops.4education.com for a complete list of participating products.  Box Tops can be turned into the media center on Wednesdays for a prize.  Every two months a contest begins between homerooms.  The homeroom that turns in the most will win prizes.
Soda Tabs for the Ronald McDonald House – The media center collects soda can tabs.  Tabs are weighed and the value is donated to the Ronald McDonald House.  This program provides housing for families of pediatric patients less than 21 years old at nearby hospitals.  Please participate in this worthwhile project.
My Coke Rewards – Save Coke Reward codes from bottled drinks and cases! Create your own Coke Rewards account online and enter the codes. Once entered, donate the points to Sammy McClure Middle School.  These are redeemed for school supplies for the entire school.   
 For more information regarding these programs, please contact the Media Center.